taskkill – kill pocesses under windows from command line

Found a useful windows command line function – “taskkill”. This is used to kill tasks or processes under windows from command line. The syntax is:

[code] taskkill /F /IM notepad.exe[/code]

Also noticed that this command sometimes does not work nice. It writes to the output that the task, whitich remains running, is killed. Comment this thread if you have some experience on this issue.

[email protected] time to completion problem

There was a problem with time to completion. BOINC Manager used to show 00:00:00 time to completion. The WU generator code was:

[code lang=”c”] wu.rsc_fpops_est = 1e100;
wu.rsc_fpops_bound = 1e110;[/code]
This was not understoood by compiler and WU created was always *_est “-8” and *_bound “-8”. This caused the zero time to completion problem. The problem was solved by adding the lines

[rsc_fpops_bound]525000000000000[/rsc_fpops_bound][/code]to the workunit template XML file.
*XML tag start and end symbols replaced with “]”,”[“