windows vista

Bought new computer, “Acer Aspire x3200”, with windows vista home premium inside. Plugged in all the devices I had (printer, web cam, monitor, pda cradle, mouse, keyboard) and started it up.
Some Acer disk image software started to restore/configure windows vista partitition.
Computer rebooted it self and windows vista exposed a blueish screen with mouse pointer inactive/rotateing circle and a text “please wait while windows configuring your system”.
This screen was on my screen for a couple of hours and I decided that something went wrong and restarted the machine.
Windows started up and exposed the same screen for a while and a popup window with text “The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error.Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click “ok” to restart the computer, and then restart the installation”.
After pressing “ok” computer restarted but ended up in the same screen with the same popup alert …
So the installation was corrupted.
Internet forums suggested to return the pc to the dealer and to get a new one.
I decided to play for a while by my self. Downloaded windows vista recovery disc immage from here.
Burned a CD and booted the machine up from it. Tried to use tools provided to fix the windows vista installation but ended up with failure.
Then I decided to explore the machines hard drive and found so called “acer rescue partitition” on “f” drive.
Explored this partition structure and found init programm(don’t really remember a name – sorry).
Unpluged all unnecessary external devices.
Executed the programm and my machine started restore procedure which succeded.