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custom theme war file for Novell Identity Managers (IDM) User Application (UA or User App)

Was working on the software based on Novell Identity Management (IDM). IDM software package includes a peace of software called User Application UA. It is user portal software which supports skins or templates. I had a lot of trouble to collect all the info needed to produce a custom theme. Novell documentation is incomplete and Novell forums are difficult to search and navigate. But after some time I managed. download: (74.09KB)
added: 08/03/2011
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description: Archive contains simple directory structure for your custom Novell User Application theme. There is buildanddeploy.bat file which can be used to build and deploy a war file of the structure which is compatible with Novell User App theme engine. For better understanding just take a look at buildanddeploy.bat and buildwar.bat files and at war file directory. download: idm-ua-custom-theme.war ()
added: 08/03/2011
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description: Sample theme war file

To deploy war file manually drop it into folder similar to this:


strange javascript problem on ie

Internet explorer fails to open popup window using if the name for the window contains at least minus symbol ‘-‘. I guess it will fail in case of any other strange symbol.

[code lanh=”html”]

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