Aclocal Problem Building BOINC Server Components

Trying to install the BOINC server software on Ubuntu according to instructions on
I’ve faced a problem. The command ./_autosetup returned with an error at the bottom of the output:

[email protected]:~/boinc$ ./_autosetup
Bootstrapping configure script and makefiles:
aclocal: 473: macro `AM_OPTIONS_WXRC‘ not found in library
Something failed …. please check error-message and re-run when fixed.

After some hours i found out that the problem is bad aclocal version. There were two acocal versions on the system at a tyme. On aclocal –version i’ve got that the version was 1.4.2. Even if 1.9.2 was also installed according to instructions. After the removal of old version ./_autosetup returned with no errors.

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