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Are-Google is efficient wp plugin which provides a possibility to search google via google api for links linking to your blog and to display the results.

This plugin uses GoogleSearch php class provided by Vijay Immanuel. This class also requires nusoap php class provided by


1. Upload the folder ‘are_google’ to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/.

2. Upload the file are-google-index.php to your current theme folder, (for example wp-content/themes/classic)

3. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.

4. Go to “Plugins” administration menu, select “Are Google Configuration” from the submenu. Fill in the option values.

5. Go to Write -> Page. Create a new page ant choose Are-Google page template for it.

Usage reccomendations

It is recomended to use this plugin togather with some caching plugin as google api key has only 1000 goggle searches per day.

I hope this plugin will be usefull for you. Happy using … download: wp-are-google ()
added: 30/07/2010
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description: Are-Google WP plugin

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  1. This plugin doesn’t work for me (yet anyway). I originally got a broken page with an error in the source saying 502 Bad Gateway or something similar, now I just keep getting invalid key errors.

  2. the plugin uses syntax “link:”.get_option(‘home’) to form the google search query. Check this setting of your blog and try to search google using string of the form above.

  3. I am using wp-cache plugin for chaching. I’ve faced some problems,which were not caused by are-google plugin, but wp-cache was some misfunctioning because of some softlink in a servers file system. that link was vital for wp-cache to work and it happened that I’ve found the blog crashed and the link broken.I do not remember the solution of the problem.Search the web if you need some info about it… do not hesitate to ask me also…

  4. Hi Aurimas,
    I got all the prereq’s for Are-Google.
    Two questions:
    1. How do I install / directories to copy to: Googlesearch.php and the nuSoap library?
    2. The web site: says that Google SOAP API keys are not given out any more. Do I need a Google SOAP API key or BASE API key or which API key?
    Can you help please?

  5. 1.
    have to be under wp-content/plugins/are_google/ directory
    the file:
    have to be under your current theme directory for example wp-content/themes/classic/

    2. I think google API key will work… just try and write me back …

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