Aclocal Problem Building BOINC Server Components

Trying to install the BOINC server software on Ubuntu according to instructions on
I’ve faced a problem. The command ./_autosetup returned with an error at the bottom of the output:

[email protected]:~/boinc$ ./_autosetup
Bootstrapping configure script and makefiles:
aclocal: 473: macro `AM_OPTIONS_WXRC‘ not found in library
Something failed …. please check error-message and re-run when fixed.

After some hours i found out that the problem is bad aclocal version. There were two acocal versions on the system at a tyme. On aclocal –version i’ve got that the version was 1.4.2. Even if 1.9.2 was also installed according to instructions. After the removal of old version ./_autosetup returned with no errors.

UBUNTU And ATI Radeon (How to install ATI Radeon on Ubuntu?)

Installed ubuntu on Intel Pentium 4 EMT64 based platform and faced a problem with ATI Radeon video card driver installation. UBUNTU was not able to start XServer. It throwed some red screens with information abount missconfigured XServer, Displays, Ports and so on.

Fortunately i have found a walkaround.

Here are the things should be done.

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