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The project http://boinc.vtu.lt/vtuathome/ is a test project. It is developed to test the BOINC platform and to learn the BOINC API. The project is still incomplete and your notes, suggestions and comments are appreciated.

The aim of the project is to count the quantity of prime numbers in a large interval. The worst algorythm is used, as we need a lot of computing hours and many workunits. The client side application gets the beggining and the end numbers of the interval and divides every number from this interval by every number from 1 to it self. As we know there are better algorythms:

1. To divide the current number only by every number from 1 to sqrt(itself);
2. To divide the current number only by every known prime number from 1 to sqrt(itself); This one is the best known algorythm. In some modifications division operation can be changed into some set of sum operations.
We have some plans for future:

1. To use the platform to solve a wire bundle parametrical optimization problem
2. To use the platform to solve medicine research problems
3. To use the platform to solve any interesting suggested problem. Your suggestions are also appreciated.

Thank you fellows for help and contribution.

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  1. Dr. Bill Skiba

    Three questions:

    When will stats be enabled?
    When will message boards be enabled?
    When will work units with less that quorum of results be resent to another host to complete?


  2. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    We are working on this. I am looking for a way, how to do it, but still haven’t found it. I guess it is quite easy, but hidden in the system.

  3. Trog Dog

    Is there any reason why the project has gone down/offline? I appreciate that this is only a test project and of little consequence. I’m sure that when you start your “real” project you will have plenty of volunteers.

  4. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    Yes there was a reason – the network was down. As the project is still a test project the server is not connected to the ups,the network is not monitored for crashes and etc. As the “real” project will be prepared the server will be moved to the special server room with monitored network and will be connected to the ups. I am waiting for the “real” project to be prepared.

  5. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    >To Zain
    Yes, you can show our project stats on international websites. We are happy you are interested in this test project.

  6. John McLeod VII

    There is a problem with the Windows application not finding DLLs. I believe that you need to fix this (mostly so you understand what is going on for the real project). This is detailed on the message boards.

  7. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    Lookin how to solve this problem. Do you know any solution?

  8. Kathryn

    If you would like a forum mod to help with communication between the staff and the crunchers I’m willing to help out with this.

    I currently mod over on QMC. One of the things I try to do is monitor the boards and let Martin (the admin there) know about any problems that turn up.


  9. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    I do not know what you meen? Could you explain how it works.

  10. John McLeod VII

    No, I don’t know how to solve the problem with the DLLs that are not being distributed. Have you tried the BOINC Dev mail list?

  11. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    Yes i’ve found the solution about Dll’s I’ll improve it as soon as i will have some time:)

  12. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    I think it is not worth to use the described algorythm as the project is only for testing and a huge amount of computing time is a plus not a minus:) We just testing the environment and learning to program useing BOINC API.

  13. srb6101

    i installed the [email protected] application in boinc. when it loads the data it has no finish time in it. this is preventingboinc from properly allocating resouces and as a result it is not alowing any other programs of boinc to run or update.

    when it runs the progres does not update as well. currently ( as of this writing it has been running for 41hours 53 minutes and still shows no progress percentage or estimated finish time.

    can you please supply a fix for this issue or tell me if i should dump the projuect

    thanks for your assistance

  14. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    Yes the finish time is not set, as i am a novice boinc programmer. We are preparing for an important project an i have no time to fix some bad issues with this test project. And the workunit usually runs for 40 minutes, the percentage to completion must also appear. Do you run windows or linux boinc application?

  15. srb6101

    i am running boinc under windows vista and it has been stable all the way through. and when i finally suspended the project i had allowed it to run for 48 hours 40 minutes

  16. John Hunt

    Is it possible for some feedback to be given on your site?
    I attached to the project almost a week ago, and along with other participants, I am receiving and completing work units. No credits are being granted for any of the work – all credit is still pending. Messages have been left in the forum but no replies received.

  17. aurimas.norkevicius Post author

    As i’ve wrote for some time’s this project is for testing purposes. we are creating a checklist we’ll follow after we will start a serious project on BOINC platform. We are learning. There is no time for us to fix all problems or to monitor the forum as we are preparing the other application. sorry for misfunctions and thank you for collaboration.

  18. John Hunt

    I joined this project on 16 July. So far, other than the posts on this blog, I have not seen any admin presence on the Forum boards at all. Some crunchers have been asking when will work be validated. What is the reply from admin? Nothing!!

    I have now suspended all work on vtuhome until admin bring us up-to-date with what is happening………….

    (a copy of this message has been posted on the Forum board)

  19. John McLeod VII

    One suggestion is that when you do go live, all of the people that have helped you test here, also get to start testing the real project. I see two ways of doing this:

    1) Keep the real project at the same URL as the test project.
    2) Migrate everyone’s accounts and notify everyone – both on the front page of the test project, and by email (I believe that there are email broadcast facilities built into BOINC – but I could be wrong about this).

  20. John McLeod VII

    Would you please deal with the credits from the person that obviously did not earn all of the credits that have been granted to him? This is looking bad for the project, and any future projects that you might start as well. You are starting to lose some of th crunchers over this.