[email protected] time to completion problem

There was a problem with time to completion. BOINC Manager used to show 00:00:00 time to completion. The WU generator code was:

[code lang=”c”] wu.rsc_fpops_est = 1e100;
wu.rsc_fpops_bound = 1e110;[/code]
This was not understoood by compiler and WU created was always *_est “-8” and *_bound “-8”. This caused the zero time to completion problem. The problem was solved by adding the lines

[rsc_fpops_bound]525000000000000[/rsc_fpops_bound][/code]to the workunit template XML file.
*XML tag start and end symbols replaced with “]”,”[“

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  1. Why dont you post all this on the project forum? Thats why it’s there. Or the news on front page. Project started on April 13, 2006 and you havent posted ANYTHING on the news, and I cant believe you only posted 26 messages on the forum. On a project which started a month ago, admin posted 325 messages on the forum, and 10 or more news on front page. Communication with users is one of the most important things.
    See this message on [email protected] (a very new project): http://docking.utep.edu/forum_thread.php?id=21&nowrap=true#105
    “…you’re anwering all quickly, great job.” That’s what you dont do and you should.

  2. And now you banned me from posting comments, looks like. Added VTU website to my list of sites I wish to DDoS (myspace.com still first on list)

  3. And now you banned me from posting comments, looks like. Added VTU website to my list of sites I wish to DDoS (myspace.com still first on list)

    Duplicate post? Why does it say I already posted this message, if I can’t see it on the page? Banner

  4. No censoring at all:) Just prevention from spam. boinc.vtu.lt project is a test project and i am now concentrated on other things. I read the [email protected] project everyday. I am still learning many things about the boinc platform. And i know less than some [email protected] contributors. Even a small problem takes a long time for me to solve it. I am the only person who is responsible for all the project. And my task to prepare myself and the project server for upcoming projects. To make a checklist of possible bad things an so on. I was writeing about these upcoming projects on this blog.

    I think that it is good to post news and messages on the [email protected] message board. But i think this forum is good for communication an for search of the solution of the problem. This blog is better for posting some complete thesis – the problem it self and the solution.

    And i was never thinking about pushing this [email protected] project to an audience. I don’t know how some people knew about it and offered to put it into their statistic pages. After that a lot of contibutors joined the project. I think it is good. All the problems comes out more quikly. There are some experienced contributors who can help me to learn and to explain how to improve one or the other thing. Thanks for contributing.

  5. Hi Aurimas,
    I am currently om # 11 of the Top Participants on the [email protected] project. I understand that the [email protected] project is just a test project to help you out. But at the moment there is not much activity on the project at all. I have read a few notes on the messageboards and there are a few that agree. At this moment there is some 2600+ credit pending for me and over 100 WU’s that I cannot even report, the server is ‘down for maintenance’ for a few days now.
    If you do not plan to keep [email protected] alive, please say so on the project’s webpage(s). And please ‘close’ it down properly by enabling the report of outstanding WU’s and award pending credits without sending out new ones. Much like [email protected] has done.
    I think the Boinc community would be grateful and more willing to help out in future engagements.

    Arie Plugge
    the Netherlands.

  6. Hi Arrie,Thank you for reporting the problem. This is a test project but irt is important… I am away from the university for some time .. I’ve just started he services and I will look after the server more carefully now to ensure it is working… Thank you one more time.

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