[email protected] workunit result validator problem

The validator sudenly stopped to validate results. After two weeks of search i’ve found out a problem. There was a host with a very big amount of credits granted. I don’t know how this happened, but the amount was something like 1.556456465465446545+e88. It is a very huge number of credits. Tha validator was allways to fail, if the workunit being validated, contained a result from this host. I’ve just deleted all the results from this host and all the set host credits to zero. The validator started to work. Sorry for bad experience.

Keep on good work dear contributors. I’ll try to help you to help us…

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  1. Thankyou Aurimas.

    I have posted that it is working again on BOINCStats and the [email protected] team forum. It is good to know that the project hasn’t been abandoned, even though it is “worthless” – from this “worthless” project a worthwhile project will emerge, at least we hope 🙂


  2. The same to me – all of my results – so far – show computing error:

    09.09.2006 22:48:[email protected]|Unrecoverable error for result wu_92446789_0_92456789_c2_3 (Unzulässige Funktion. (0x1) – exit code 1 (0x1))
    09.09.2006 22:49:[email protected]|Unrecoverable error for result wu_41106789_0_41116789_c2_0 (Unzulässige Funktion. (0x1) – exit code 1 (0x1))
    09.09.2006 22:58:[email protected]|Unrecoverable error for result wu_41166789_0_41176789_c2_1 (Unzulässige Funktion. (0x1) – exit code 1 (0x1))
    10.09.2006 09:35:[email protected]|Unrecoverable error for result wu_41006789_0_41016789_c2_1 (Unzulässige Funktion. (0x1) – exit code 1 (0x1))
    10.09.2006 09:36:[email protected]|Unrecoverable error for result wu_40976789_0_40986789_c2_0 (Unzulässige Funktion. (0x1) – exit code 1 (0x1))

    What should I do ??

  3. As I know these errors occures after stopping the WU and restarting it. BOINC Manager for some minutes keeps on counting but in some time throws the exception. I dont know why this happens. But i am trying to debug it.

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