Wire Bundle Geometry Generator (Java Applet)

I’ve got a task to program a wire bundle geometry generator. It is an initial task for the wire bundle characteristics predictor.The task is to generate the geometry of the multiwire cable radial geometry.To solve the task global optimization is used(genetical algorythm). The task is to find the minimal bounding circle, which bounds all the circles-wires.

In the source code you can find solutions for classical problems:

  • Genetical algorythm
  • Minimal bounding circle
  • circle to circle intersection points

XML data to test the functionality:

https://i0.wp.com/are.ehibou.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/default.gif?w=525 download: testdata.xml (1.72KB)
added: 28/07/2010
clicks: 281
description: Test data for "Wire Bundle Geometry Generator"

Applet source code:
https://i0.wp.com/are.ehibou.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/default.gif?w=525 download: OptiCables.zip ()
added: 28/07/2010
clicks: 280
description: Wire Bundle Geometry Generator

* Applet do not work. It throws permision denied exceptions. There is no time to investigate why. To make it work – just download all the source code and run it on your desktop environment.

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